Am I wrong or...

…has there been a sudden increase in the amount of newbies to this list? Maybe it’s because of the slashdotting?
I don’t mind about that - it’s nice to get new little blenderinos doodling around :wink:

I’ve noticed the same thing, just goes to show how cool blender is.

hmm perhaps I should make a graph of some sort

you’re wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, or is he?

I never noticed,

Although i’m not very observant, or am I?

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :-?

A graph would be nice. There was a considerable boom in Elysiun accounts in March, a direct result of NaN’s tanking, so that correlation is no mystery. Still, I (and probably others) would be interested in seeing how the number of Elysiun accounts progress from its inception.

Come to think of it, a graph with “special dates” markers could also highlight other interesting correlations, least among them a /.ing. Or at least footnoting spectacular spikes in the graph.

Some of us aren’t blender newbies, we just never got around to joining before now. :slight_smile: