am looking for a team to help me develop an online fps rpg

hey i am looking for someone who can do some decent textures for my models for an fps i am working on at the moment. i hope to eventually get together a team of people helping me with this. if you wish to join me and my team, i still need a:

a concept designer,
at least 1 texturer, preferably 2,
an animator from blender to unity 3.5, or for unity 3.5,
a musician/DJ for music and SFX
another modeller, able to create decent models, create bump maps and texture baking
another 2-3 scriptors for unity 3.5…either JavaScript or C# (or boo)
any other skills that you feel i need that i have left out

if anyone wants to aid me, please send me an email at

[email protected]

or chat with me via skype(just message me and say you want to talk and i will call you, or just message me and i will respond):

skype name: angbandguy1
real name: (ben thorne)

tell me your skills set, and it would be much apreciated if you could upload something you can show your skills in to media fire or something…attach it to an email maybe

At the start we will all be working for free but with the ammount of care i am going to put into this game, i hope it gets a fair number of players and then i will start selling it, or to give the people that worked on this a percent of the income depending on how much they contribute to this game.

thats all for now i hope to hear from you soon

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As usual, folks looking for help want everything, want proof of that everything too, yet offer nothing to show they are serious.

Show a website or post some details of what you’ve accomplished.

lol happens all the time, even AFTER you give people advice it seems they given up on life and they dont respond at ALL. its as though theyre trying to test you somehow

I could help with music, and possilby some concept art. Here is some of my work in music:

And with art:

ok you asked we deliver.

we don’t have any in-game screenshots yet but we’ve got a couple of models ready for the game

this is the smg that we are working on:

and here is the pistol that just needs to be textured:

thanks. we do not really need any more modellers but would still like 1 more, but we really need
2 texturers,
2 C# or JavaScript scriptors
and an animator

hey Burger King please email me at [email protected]
also i like the music and art. in our game there will be hopefully be lots of happy cartoony music that clashes with dark mysterious music and heroic climactic music at other times could you do that…please respond via email if possible

I responded via email. Also, cool models. I know a thing or two about blender modeling myself, I could help make some models if you want. I can’t guarantee anything great, but for simpler stuff I could help if you need it :slight_smile:

ok just bumping this thread

also we are still looking for a high poly modeller, a texturer, and a SFX person. Thanks to all who have already joined the team, the game is starting to get together, and we will have it all together in about a month or two so that we can actually get started with game development. we will be using HeroEngine so if you want have a look at that. I promise to upload some pictures of gameplay and a youtube video when we get some solid gameplay. Also we will release this game to steam greenlight so when its done vote for us to see us in action :smiley:

thats all for now

yeah i read it i will do so ;-D thanks 4 that King_hermy