am new help me

hi i am wondering how to render objects and every time i click “render current frame” it says no camera. What does that mean.

Hey there,
there are two things you could do.

  1. Restore the factory settings from the main menu (File>Load Factory Settings)
  2. Hold down the space bar which will open a popup menu. From there, move your mouse cursor over “Add” and then from the right column, select “camera” which will add a camera to your scene.

You’ve probably found out how you can rotate, zoom and pan a scene.
A quick way to place your camera (once you’ve added it) is to rotate and zoom your scene until you are happy with the image and then press " Ctrl + Alt + the zero key on your keypad"
This will set up the camera for you. After that you can render with “F12”.
If that doesn’t work, you can just split the window into a top and front or side view and rotate the camera manually (as you would any other object). The zero key on your numpad will change to view port into a "camera view.

In your blender directory is a one page pdf document that will teach you the necessary shortcuts and the basics. If you get a chance, take a glimpse at it and you will know more about blender than I do :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

P.S. The 1,3 & 7 keys (number pad) are the shortcuts to switching the view port to Front (1), Right (3) and Top (7) view.

Wrong place in the forum. Post things like this in the “Basics & Interface” folder under the “Support” section. Onemanblend had it right. Add a camera with the space bar. Also, when you are in the camera view, if you hit “R” twice you can rotate the camera from inside the view. Go to the User Manual from the blender wiki if you haven’t, it will answer most basic questions like this.

Ok thanks. I am new to this.

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