Amabilis: 3D Canvas

Was just wondering if anyone around here ever used it or even knows about it? I did a search but couldn’t find it on here.

It seems pretty good at converting objects which is what I was looking at as some of the I/O scripts don’t work as well with my some of my models.

Anyway thought you guys might find it useful as it’s basic verison freeware.

Here’s a link if you’re interested:

If you have used it any tips on workflow with Blender would be nice, thanks.

I tried it several years ago. While it has good POV-Ray support, it lacks several modeling/animation/texturing features…or at least it did back in '02 :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems improved now but not sure if I wanna upgrade ver 6 to get access to everything.

Still though unless I break down and start writing I/O scripts ver 5 did a really good job with importing trueSpace models. Better then the Deep Exploration demo. Don’t have any lightwave or 3Ds models to test it on though.

Well, in cany case Blender is much more powerful than 3D Canvas feature-wise.

Yes but Blender still doesn’t have N-Gons and a few other things such as wings3D’s toolset. But that’s off-topic. 3D Canvas seems to import trueSpace object’s textures pretty good. And it doesn’t revert the model to it’s undeformed frame zero state. Why trueSpace insists on making everything set to a keyframe I’ll never understand.