Amapi 4.15 download, Are there others?

I found the other day Amapi 4.15 for free at

Now I was wondering are there any other deals like this around the net?

:stuck_out_tongue: NO ! lime.,;., a


What is all that?

Just give me a straightforward answer.

Well, there’s Truespace 1.04 at pc-plus online…

Sorry just wanted to test out the smile gify
Why does it matter it takes alot of time to learn each
modelers interface and stuff. And after time spent you just
find out that you should have sticken with what is A popular
B a huge user base
C beta’s with constant updates

So there and also YOU MUST HAVE COLOR. Textures.
Thats what comes next.


In order to download wings 3d you must downlaod about 30 meg of runtime crap.

I’ve only got 26.4 connection.

Not a good match.

What ? It’s just a little oh i see i’m on a mac
well you can use the 7.mb file.
It’s worth it if you want to model with a super b" tool
then send it to blender

so, I’ve got DSL :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: