Amateur issues

This has happened several time, but I cannot re-create it. sometimes I create a character and the automatic weighting system does not work. does anyone have a way to fix this (I know I could always manually do weight paint)

Thanks for any help

HAHA, autocorrect, don’t you just love it, I actually meant armature, not amateur(though that is close enough, I’m sure)

This is a blender related question, not bge, anyway, Exactly what do you mean when you say that doesn’t work, does it not create the vertex groups? try deleting all groups from the mesh and try again.

My opinion auto weight may fails if:
-Mesh not closed (You have holes in meshnet)
-Mesh contains loose geometry (Vertices that not connected to mainmesh)
-Bones outside mesh (make sure all ik-control bones do not ‘deform’ bones)
-Double vertex (Select all and delete possible doublicates)
-Face normal errors
-Complex and unusual meshing.

Thanks for the responses, I after checking the easiest things I smoothed the entire thing to insane proportions to make it as basic as possible,and I guess I had unusual meshing.

Everything is fixed thank you

also, start in the ‘spread eagle pose’ this way, one leg will not grab the other’s bones…