Amateur Rigging Question...

So, I’m making a rather large zombie game, and to not make it look like a hot steaming pile of *$%&, I wan’t to make the zombie move their legs when walking towards you.

I know how to animate, but I’m not too sure how to rig. Here are some questions I have:

1-You Parent the Armature to the body part, right? :o And if so, do you parent the limb to the armature or vice versa? + Should It be in edit mode or Object?

2-I watched a video where the guy made a bone for the pelvis. Could I just made two leg bones or do I have to absolutley make a pelvis bone?

Thats all for now.
Thanks :smiley:

Typically, you parent the object to the armature and chose “with automatic weights”. You may need to clean up the weight painting after this. Depends on a lot of things. Look up David Ward’s tutorials for advice on weight painting

No you don’t have to have a pelvis, but it does typically add another degree of freedom for natural body movement

Ya, I’m just looking for leg movement, so no need for pelvis :slight_smile: HURRAY!
I’ll seach the video right away… after I’m completed the model

Also, where is the automatic weighing?
Edit: Oh never mind, found it :o

Just corrected. Thanks for the info.

You can also click the Attachment link :wink:

Here is the .blend.

Am I on the right track,
should the limb move with the bone, and what
type of keyframe should I use?


Zombie Man.blend (438 KB)