Amateur Weapon Modeler Looking for Work

Hello, I’m somewhat of an amateur at modeling but I’m offering my services for free to someone who’s making an interesting game. For me that means the game needs:

To have:
Multiplayer (Can have singleplayer of course but I’d like a multiplayer feature that is open world/sandbox/etc.)
Be open world/sandbox/etc.
Use firearms that I can get a reference for (I’m not good enough to create any sci-fi weapons and such from scratch)

To not have:
Permadeath (I can’t stand it in any game, sorry. The most hardcore death penalty I’ll accept is losing everything but your equipped items on death.)

Lots of customization
Low-Medium graphics (makes it easier for me to model stuff and I’m not picky at all when it comes to visuals)
Willing to teach me stuff so I can make better models for the game

That’s it. Once again, I’m not asking for money unless you’re offering (for whatever strange reason that might be), but I’d like to work on a game that I’d be interested in playing. I’m okay with sitting around for awhile with nothing to do, I’ll be there when you need me. Here’s a recent test gun I’ve made by the way:

If anyone is interested, please contact me here through a reply or a private message, through Skype, or through Steam. Steam is “mah little Desert Eagle”, Skype is “prophetraz1311”. Thank you for at least taking the time to read my whole statement, if you have done so. =)

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