Amateurs questions. Help needed!

How can i join 2 vertices to 1 without moving one of them?
How can i do more faces at the same time? Like when you have cylinder and for some reason the faces are removed on the top of it and you have to create 1 face at the time (3 vertices). So is there a way to do it by selecting all vertices around the area where you want to put a face? Normally it just tells me to make “Fgon”.
When i have 2 opjects and i change from edit mode to opject mode, do some thing with layers and go back to edit mode, at least one of them cant be edited any more. Why? How to fix this?
Some basics with the object center. Like how to get it center of my opject, what can i do with it, etc.
Where can i find some model packs that can be freely used?

It seems that i cant find any good tutorial… %|


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To join 2 vertices press Alt-M then select either ‘At Center’ or ‘At Cursor’, to weld two vertices at the central point between them or at the cursor (good for welding one vertice to another’s position if you snap (shift-s) the cursor to the vertice).

I’m not sure what you mean by your question about edit mode, but you can only edit one object at a time. There are ways to edit two identical objects that have been duplicated with a link.

Object centers don’t really have a purpose beside being there to show the center of the object, and to show where parenting and tracking happen are linked to.

If you need tutorials check the sticky at the top of the forum that says Tutorial List. Also use the search function on these forums.

For free use models there are several sites that offer them in non .blend format, meaning you have to import them, however we have our own model repository here on Elysiun right below the sticky for Tutorials List. The thread is called Model Repository.

Ok then this is not a project… (it just depends how do you look at it)
forTe already answered most of the first questions but still wonder this:
How can i do more faces at the same time? Like when you have cylinder and for some reason the faces are removed on the top of it and you have to create 1 face at the time (3 vertices). So is there a way to do it by selecting all vertices around the area where you want to put a face?
How can i put a new vertices in the midle of the line with 2 vertices (and to have them faced with the area)?

There will be more questions.
I’m really the first time users…

To fill in an area with triangles, you can select the vertices around the top or bottom edge of the tube (pressing ‘b’ lets you do a border select and select them all at once opposed to manually clicking), then press ‘e’ to extrude the vertices, followed by enter (without moving the vertices during the extrusion). Then you can press alt+m then ‘At Center’ to weld them at the center of the circle and create the top faces.

There are mutliple ways to add vertices between two other vertices.

  1. In Edit Buttons (F9) with the two vertices selected, press ‘sudivide’ in the mesh tools panel.

  2. If you press ‘K’ you will see a list of 4 things. Of them 3 are cutting tools. ‘Face Loop Cut’ (shortcut ctrl+r) will cut a loop of faces. Just experiment with it on a cube and you will understand. ‘Knife (Exact)’ cuts selected edges exactly where you draw the line for them to be cut. ‘Knife (Midpoints)’ cuts the middle of the edges you draw the line on. Sometimes both knife tools create triangles, which aren’t particularly good for high-poly models, so sometimes you need to join two triangles with ‘alt+j’.

Also, Blender does not support N-Gons (Faces with 5+ vertices) but does support F-gons by pressing f with more than 3 or 4 vertices selected. It will subsurface like triangles, but you will have a cleaner mesh to work with while editing.

Not quite… It is also may be used as rotation/scaling pivot and plays role in envmapping. As for manipulating it, - there are 3 buttons in F9 “Centre”, “Centre new” and “centre cursor”.

So that does mean i have to do faces one by one (3 vertices selected ->face, 3 vertices selected ->face, 3 vertices selected ->face…) if there is many triangles? Or is there a way to do it automatically when i select all triangle vertices (or like in example all vertices from the top [midle vertice too]) and face it?

And for now Thank you for the answers! You have been really helpful!

For the most part, yes, you do have to go and build every face by selecting the 3 or 4 vertices and pressing f to make a face. There is a feature called beauty fill which I have never really experimented with, because I always just fill in the faces by selecting the 4 vertices one by one and making a face, it really doesn’t take that long if you do it as you go along. Also the merging by selecting the top of the cylinder will work with any mesh to close it up should the need arise. I hope that answers your question.

For filling an empty polygon with any number of (selected) vertices, there is shift-F. But it creates only triangles and sometimes when filling concave polygons it creates degenerated empty area triangles.

And once you have your tris from shift-f you can press alt-f (beauty fill) and then alt-j (make quads if I remember correctly, can’t check now).

The one thing to look for when doing shift-f is that your vertices form a closed ‘loop’. That is, every vertice has an edge connecting it to another one that is selected when trying to shift-f. Otherwise, you don’t get anything.

Can i do this kind of “cable” like in the end of “Pahts and dupliframes” video tutorial? (it still has to rotate 90 dec in xz direction)
As you can see it is not totally circle…

Or is ther other way to do this?