Amazing animaton done with real grafitti

This guy must own a paint company or something, the amount of time and work he put into this :

The artist goes by the handle “Blu” and his blog is here:

How long do you think it took him to do this? I assume a few months.

Watching this has given me about 200 inspiring ideas for my future 2D animation projects.

Yeh, amazing animation lol.

Meh, if you do happen to stumble across a working version please share, it sounds interesting.

what a talented and creative artist. :slight_smile:

check his videos here:

check also his drawings on his homepage:

i noticed that he made a graffiti in berlin which i’m passing by almost every day, now i’m proud to know who did it. :smiley:

Anyone notice that this video got featured on the Youtube front page?

Cor the skills.

Wow !! Amaaazing ! !!!