amazing look at this i wish so really i,m speech less

:yes:wow i came across :eek:this animation on you tube it was made by some french people
omg i cant believe my eyes its farmost the most real thing ive ever see even the details well i wish we could do this with blender 3d but yeah just rendering one frame would take half an hour imaging trying to render 500 frames i know i have know patience if a frame doesnt render withing 1 minute i just hit esc well look at the animation

I admit it’s an amazing render, though it was too slow and boring for my tastes lol but take a look at our gallery and check out some of those… this was NOT the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen, it was easy for me to tell. But again, it WAS still a good animation thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

Seeing as you portrayed (sp?) it as realistic, thats what I was looking for from the start. And as far as it goes…im not impressed. They eye candy is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But that only makes a still realistic, not an animation.

I’ve been in tsunami’s weaker than the one depicted in the video (if its a tsunami at all), there is no way in hell you’re walking outside. Wind moves cars, it tears off roofs with the walls still attached…you stand no chance. You’re certainly not catching something “thrown” by this wind with your face and shrugging it off. The only thing I found remotely realistic in this animation was the effect off the wind on the man made objects (eg the power lines swaying in the wind, the poles being torn down).

All in all…a stunning animation with an interesting mood behind it…but not very realistic. Not to me anyway. What is she? 2000 lbs?

The short was very well-done imo, good building of tension and mystery leading up to a subtle and ambiguous but strangely satisfying ending. Some excellent lighting and camera work, I enjoy seeing less demonstrative uses of the camera in CG, more traditional POVs and framing.

Biggest crit is the stylistic disconnect between the environment and the character. Her modeling and features are rather stylized, while everything else – enviro modeling, textures, physics, reaches for a more extreme naturalism. Seeing her react to the elements and comparing that to how the “set” reacts kind of breaks the illusion now & then. There are also some occasional deformation issues visible, most noticeably at the elbow joint, and her walk in the early scenes seems less than fully natural.

But it’s an enjoyable piece on the whole, and the metaphor between inner and outer worlds is very well put.

BTW it’s quite possible to walk in gale or even hurricane force winds, I’ve done so myself, and storm surge breaking on a jetty doesn’t have quite the impact of a tsunami, but I have to agree that she navigates that part with uncanny ease.

Great effort and good result for three guys in film school working 6 months. So here’s another answer for the guy wondering how long it would take to make a movie.

Really nice stuff. Just keep it up.

I think it was a good movie. I think blender is more than capable, but i also think most people export their files to a rendering program regardless of what 3D modelers they’re using. I dont think it was ultra realistic and i kind of wonder why the character herself seemed to have less detail than the environment? It had a very chrono cross-ish feeling for anyone who ever played the game. The village was very reminiscent.

Hm,that’s quite old.
Nice to see it again, I love the atmosphere so much. In the beginning you can almost smell and feel the upcoming storm.
edit: smell the fresh air I meant ^^

Never really been in a hurricane so I wouldn’t know. But I put money to the fact that you’re not walking around outside during a tsunami. Maybe right before, maybe right after…but not once those cars start moving (unless its one of the smaller tsunamis…but even then its nowhere near safe to be outside.) The reason I believe this is a tsunami is that “jetty” (not sure what that is) looks remarkably similar to a water wall, although smaller in height, …not many waterwalls around areas that don’t deal with tsunami’s…hence my issues with the video entirely. That issue smacked me in the face the minute I saw here catch something with her face and all she did was twist off to the side then look back and trudge onward…I’d dare say (depending on what what “caught” lol) that nothing like that would happen in real life…specailly with a woman that seems maybe 120lbs at max.

Wow, just, Wow