Amazon AR - how to?

So I’m not an amazon seller, so don’t have access to their own forum. And all I’m finding on internet searching is "Amazon Now has AR view on iOS and Android…"Bla bla bla. It’s just a news article.

I want to pitch this as a nice add-on to a project that I’ll be quoting soon. They’ll still need the renderings that they are requesting because AR doesn’t do much for you on a computer, but adding AR is a great way to have your otherwise dumb product be spread from person to person because they want to show their friend their neat new trick. Since I’m already doing renderings, it might be actually pretty cheap for me to just give them a 3D model in the right format, I thought.

BUT, no idea yet. So I thought I’d ask here since this nearly instantly reaches thousands of people who Mostly know what they are talking about. :wink: (seriously, if you just don’t know, don’t answer)

I wasn’t sure if it was something relatively simple, or if it’s hosted through a third party who likely charges you for things that make some aspects easy, and likely make it More difficult to get what you want.

I suppose if you want to offer a different site that offers something like web based QR code scanning that takes you straight to the same thing, that might be cool as well because it’d be the same thing but without having to be hosted specific to amazon. But really I’m wondering how to add a product to amazon’s AR option. Like, format, files size limitation, etc.