Amazon EC2 as render farm?

Hi all!

I’m just wondering. Is it possible to use Amazon EC2 cloud computing service to set up a Blender personal render farm? How? :slight_smile:

It should be possible, I’ve toyed with the idea myself, but never had the time or ambition to actually try it. It would involve using the Network Renderer addon. You could either use the GUI, or run it in the background from the CLI. Using the GUI would be the easiest option, but from the CLI provides some very interesting possibility for automation. With the Spot Instances pricing, it would be theoretically possible to automatically spin up additional slaves during off hours for cheap, with the master running on a regular permanent instance (probably with minimal settings, to let the slaves do the heavy lifting). A fair amount of scripting would be involved, both with the Amazon API, as well as from the OS itself to start up Blender and get it processing jobs. Also, I’m not sure exactly how well Network Renderer would handle slaves coming in an out of service, particularly for rendering a long animation.

i wouldn’t mind paying for this as then my work is still private
another would blendercloud but the website ain’t clear as to whether work is still prive or not