Amazon foss game engine delivers first big mmo success

Looks like New World is doing a good start on steam which can speak well for the used game engine which was made FOSS

And with that success comes the resurfacing of reports that cards are being fried.
New Reports indicate Amazons New World-MMO is again bricking NVIDIA Geforce cards (

Either Amazon has yet to fix all of the issues that is causing unneeded load on these cards, or Nvidia has their higher end offerings so close to the breaking point now that they are especially sensitive to even small imperfections in how the AIB vendors package them (though if it is happening in other titles, it is not getting press).

I am not saying that there is a deep seated issue in the architecture of Open 3D Engine, because if it is being developed like most engines it should have safeguards enabled by default (such as an FPS limit).

The drivers also should prevent the hardware from being fried and the hardware should no be bricked so quickly too

After hours or days of stress test I could understand material fatigue

But with all criticism towards this engine fact is also that hardware makers acknowledged that their product was bad

You could also b pretty right that the rtx cards are at their max limit !