Amazon Kindle: Free 3G and Web Browser?

I’ve been looking into getting an e-book reader lately since I want to do more reading. While I was looking at the Kindle I noticed that it has a 3G version that costs a bit more but allows you to have an AT&T 3G connection for free. That took me by suprise because I’ve never heard of free 3G. At that point I thought that all you could use it for was to access the amazon book store to buy and download e-books. Since Amazon would make profit off of that it made a little sense. Then, I noticed that there was an experimental web browser built in to the Kindle and you could use it over the free 3G…

Frankly, that seems too good to be true! How can Amazon afford to provide you with free unlimited web browsing over an AT&T 3G connection!?! :eyebrowlift2: Sure, you cant stream video’s or download files (except books of course) but that still seems amazing to me… :yes:


well if you consider what the Kindle is and who uses it - that target would not be downloading MP3 files or other bandwidth
eaters which would cost ATT.

If you are a creative person I would rather consider a tablet PC android or iOS.
Fell for some dollars more you get actually a much better deal.

185 for the Kindle is in my opinion quite a lot to ask for - I see in it nothing more then a Palm OS handheld
from 10 years go just oversized.

I love my Kindle and I use it for everything. The free 3G was one of the reasons I bought it. The Kindle browser is terrible for normal websites, as it is slow and the screen is too small, but I made which has hundreds, if not now over 1000 Kindle friendly website links - sites where I can read them without changing the font size of the screen settings. It also makes a fabulous e-book reader. I would certainly recommend it.

free web browsing for sure, like my friend here in Brazil is enjoying.

That said, it’s an awesome reading device, not a youtube consumer…

The web browser is useable, but has limitations. I use it mainly as an eReader, but using Duokan OS instead of Kindle’s OS. They haven’t implemented a web browser, so it means switching back and forwards between OS’s to use the Web browser.

I’m not sure I could ever read a book on one of those gadgets. I know, less paper waste, fewer trees getting cut down, and you can carry hundreds of books in your pocket. It’s just that when I read, it’s an escape from technology. A book can’t crash. I’ve dropped books in the bathtub, and they still work. But I have to admit I’m intrigued by the thought of so many books in one tiny place…

My sister got one for her birthday, its all she really asked for. But since then it has been very underused. So not really sure if it is worth it, although I might be a person who would use it more than her, but I suppose it really isn’t her thing.