Ambassador DX - YAFRAY Update on (pg2)


It’s been a long time since I made this model that I actually rendered a scene with it. I made the car ‘Amby’ model in Feb 2004. And did few renders with I but none was much interesting. I was wondering about the ‘Ambient occlusion’ feature and how i can use it more effectively in my scenes. I tinkered around with the idea then I came up with this.

For more description of the image check it out on my site’s gallery section
Here are the wire cum mesh views.

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

This is wonderful work, great job. My only comment is on your tires. For the car they get smooth too soon on the outside. And the tires on the motorcycle are to smooth period, lol, they need tread. Great use of AO :smiley:

excellent - nice to see a normal car for a change

I love the composition on this piece. the models are great too, but the layout and color are what sell it. Stellar job.

beautiful scene :slight_smile: ,

but i think i will look more authentic without that speedbike, great models.


Wow, great indeed! Excellent sense for detailes! Amazing :o

Great stuff! Would you care to share your technique with us? A basic summary or perhaps there’s a tutorial from which you found a technique?


Thanks all for your kind comments,


Thats true, actualy I had not done much work on the tyre itself. I just created the right shape of them with simple but not refined treads, but I guess I completely forgot them afterwards :expressionless: . Thanks for pointing that out. I may get interested on it again in future. :slight_smile:

excellent - nice to see a normal car for a change

Burns have you seen this car before?. Great I am not the only simplicity lover around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you hit the right spot this is infact my first composition that I tried to get the result as much near to what my objective was. I wanted to have a porch with this car on a hot summer day (normal Indian Summers :|). I hunted warm looking textures and also tried out to create the red-orangish tint that is common to summers by using one sun lamp and three filler lights.

but i think i will look more authentic without that speedbike, great models.

Rightttt. As a matter of fact yamaha r6 isin’t available in India as of now. But I needed to get more evocation from the scene and I had not made any Indian bikes yet %|


Thanks for your appreciation.

Thanks for the Idea I will try to write a tutorial on that some time. But actualy the scene is quite simple. I had a sky texture to get the quality reflectons from the steel.

Here you go !
Enjoy the quality and hi rez textures. :slight_smile:

Then I had used Ambient occulsion with ‘both’ shadow addition and substraction. Cranked up the smapling all the way to 16. Used Hires images for the textures (the reason they look more detailed). Let the Ambience at normal. (my older box athlon xp 1.1 with 256 SD-RAM after numerous swapping took 12 hrs on an optimized blender :()

And of course numerous renders to get the car paint shine like and reflect like the original off-white paint on the amby. There was a problem of amby not reflecting properly (as most reflections in reallife are different than the one that raytracers renderers, remember we had two eyes to produce the image from slightly different angles) but I tried to get better reflection which was more convincing by trying out falloff settings. But I tried the reflection settings simply because I was not getting a better reflection at default settings rather than having a aim of getting close to reallife reflection :stuck_out_tongue:

But I overall did wanted the whole scene to look reallife :slight_smile:

I think I remmebered the reflection thingy from a tutorial at 3dtotal, Good hunting

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

ah very cool :smiley:
reminds me of the good old days back in India.


I had been Working on the same model for more then two days, so that I can learn the Yafray funcsnality. Well after 25 or more renders I finaly got the hang of the beast. But still there are lots of improvements needed. for Example STUPID bricks and STUPID lamps :x.

Any way here cometh the pics :smiley:

and the other one



Those yaf renders are very nice. Just need to up the alaising samples and it will be very nice.


yafray always does nice car paint. I like those.

wow. way cool man!

This is one of those renders you need to examine a bit before you say its computer generated

very good

In short, there are 16 little things I would like to say about these renders:
:o:o:o:o :o:o:o:o :o:o:o:o :o:o:o:o

That’s really realistic, and a great car. Can’t beat the classics!

hey dude. amazing work. the yafray renders looks amazing. i am trying to render a car with yaf, but im having some settings problems. could you please tell me how you set your scene in yaf??? thanks

model GR8 !!!

and now this update… NICE :smiley:
yafray renders are very NICE
good textures (materials)

I agree with BgDM, the edges are a little jaggedy, but otherwise a nice model and a great Yafray render!


great render!

Very Good! :slight_smile:

What are your settings?

Auto AA =
AA Passes =
AA Samples =
Ray Depth =
Bi =
Gamma =
Exp =

Method =
Quality =
Cache =
Shadow Qu. =
Prec =
Refinement =
Power =
Depth =
C Depth =
Photons =
Count =
Radius =
Mix Count =
Tune Photons =

Please post part of the .xml
that shows your light and render settings.