ambiant light ignores texutres?

why do any dynamic textures not show up under ambient light, i have them mapped to color as oppose to reflection or normals


Are up using Ambient Occlusion (AO) or Approximate Ambient Occlusion (AAO) , or are you just setting the Ambient Color (AmbR, AmbG, AmbB in the World settings)? AO and AAO will light color textures, however Ambient Color will not. Ambient Color is like a color filter on your scene it does not actual add any light.

I didn’t know ambient color was just a filter, is their any way I can force a minimum amount of light on a surface without using cpu hungry occlusion calculations.

You will either need to add another lamp that points toward that face (like a low power hemi) or you can use AAO, which is not ray traced so in most cases is a faster process then the regular ray traced AO.

thanks, ill look up how to use AAO now