Ambiant occlusion makes render turn out bad

I am using textures of Eyes and puting it on a model. I have alpha too.

so i have the image in the texture, its has UV turned on, alpha in map to. ztrans and everything else to make somthing appear translparent in a render but it looks like this:

are you using ray traced or approximate AO, if its ray traced you need more samples 6-10, if its approximate AO try a lower error like .1 or .125

yeah you ned more samples if your using ray tacing

check normals

All the above, OR you may possibly have selected ‘BOTH’ on the Ambient Occlusion tab. Set it to ‘ADD’ and that might very well take care of the problem.

Haha i was using approx. OA and switched to raytrace, and used more samples just messing around, and i also tried a HIGHER error. but i never thought of a higher :slight_smile:

it didnt work all that well. what i see that helps is adding more light that is not OA, but if i do that, i dont really need OA. and the look of OA is kinda the thing i want for this movie. :frowning:

Could you perhaps upload the .blend file? It might be easier if we could all just play with some settings :wink: .

It’s AO, not OA!!!
If you want the AO to only affect a certain part of your model, just set the ‘amb’ value of that material to 0.

Ah, I see what’s going on here.

Ambient Occlusion makes stuff darker when faces are near each other. Your eyes and mouth are planes overlapping the face, so they’re very close and thus darken the face. In Shading (F5) -> Material Buttons -> Links and Pipeline, you can turn off Traceable, which causes a material not to be used in any ray-tracing (such as Ambient Occlusion). Doing so for your eyes/mouth material seems to fix the dark spots.

The hair has problems because Blender flips some normals by itself - why, I wouldn’t know. In Editing (F9) -> Mesh, you can turn on No V.Normal Flip. Oddly enough, that turns the normals inside-out for rendering purposes, but if you flip them, they’ll come out fine in the render. No idea what’s going on there.

Lastly, if you aren’t going to add a subsurf modifier, I’d advise you to manually triangulate some of the quads you have. The top of his hair spike and the cheeks end up wrong by default, and that causes some nasty normals.

ok thanks :slight_smile: i have been trying to update this (it cloud) to the advent children look, but this has been getting in the way, as well as the rest of the animations for my movie.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GUYS :slight_smile: big help