Ambient lights on different materials

Is it possible to have multiple ambient lights, depending on the material? I won’t be using it any time soon, but started wondering about it.

If not, can it be done via nodes? If it can, would doing it via nodes be a nice, simple node-learning experience or something better left until after I can use the nodes well?

thank you,

I would have thought editing the material itself would possibly be the way to go. For example, adjust material emit, reflection, ect. Then the ambient light would behave differently depending on the texture.

Another feature that might help you is in the settings for lights. Layer makes the lamp illuminate only objects in the same layer as the lamp.

Thanks for the answer. I’m in the process of reading through a book, and it mentioned that some programs allow different ambient lights for different objects. Just having different materials is probably enough, but I just wanted to be sure there’s no magic button to do the work for me. :wink: