Ambient Noir

Hello Blender Artists - it’s been a while since I was here :slight_smile: Here is some experimental artwork I’ve created recently - my 2nd sci-fi scene. - lots of mistakes have been made (so, I learned a lot) - next one shall be better. Creation time - around 40hours, render time on Cycles (CPU) - 32hours.

ps. unfortunately I do not remember how to upload something in higher resolution :confused:

Truly a masterpiece.
You made such detailed scene in 40 hours man :RocknRoll: that’s amazing keep it up!!!

Are the building interiors on street level modeled too?

The detail here is nothing short of insane, only made better by the high quality shading and lighting work.

I’d say this is more or less about film quality here, an epic-scale piece.

Thanks Guys, Indeed building interiors are also modeled.

I agree, the image is awesome, the speed of creation is impressive. :slight_smile:

Absolutely astonishing, my only gripe is with the car reflections, I find they are too intense, I would tone these down just a tad, other then that, top notch work, would love to see some nodes screenshot, if you do not mind!

wow did you work like 8 hours a day? This is a great amount of detail! Im curious I’d like to know what you modeled in the scene. Did you create everything or model the main assets and focal points?

Wow, apart from being an awesome image… 40 hours in the making? That’s fast!!

Impressive. It reminds me the “Somwhere in time” album cover from Maiden, in better :slight_smile:

Very nice scene indeed, seems like a great job concerning the amount of hours. Your like a sort of speed modeller

Let me get some tissues while you upload some sweet-ass edit-mode model screenshots and AO pass renders, deal?

So killer. Yeah a hi-res pic would rule.

Keep it up.

Almost looking like GTA. Nice work. I like the realistic look.

Love this piece!!!

wow… insane amount of detail, the fact you did it in 40 hours it’s even more unbelievable! Great work!

40hrs sounds incredible with those details, does it include modeling the chevy? Good job, keep it up!

Thank You all for kind words. Answering some of questions:

Thanks GCharb You’re right - now, when I look at it, it is indeed to shinny :slight_smile:
johnnygibbs well indeed it was around 8 hours a day for 5 days - more/less. Car model is not fully mine - I received some help with it

40 hours it is indeed fast but it comes with a price - a lot of meesed up geometry and strange UV Maps. Besides, If You take a closer look U’ll notice that everything in this scene is arrayed or mirrored :slight_smile:

Deathray I hope that this will satisfy You :slight_smile:

PS there are a lot of man holes in the future :wink:

Is that the beginning scene from blade runner in the back? Nice touch!

can you tell how many lightsources there are? very nice scene. the design reminds me of total recall or judge dredd :wink: