Ambient Noir

Great work. The amount of detail is outstanding.

Yeah, I can’t begin to count the mistakes. There are so many. Seriously??? I can’t find a single one!!! This is ridiculously good! Amazing work!

This is astonishing work. Your restrained color palette looks well balanced. And of course crazy amazing detail.

Love this! Great work

Nice reflections. You’re great modeler in 40hrs so many buildings

Thanks all,
rombout - haha indeed there are :smiley: I use Polish road as a reference :stuck_out_tongue:
BOBtheROSS - how many lightsources? Oh, my… a lot? I wouldn’t even know how to count em :slight_smile:
daleforbes - I meant mistakes during modeling. - You know when You start to model something (like train) and when You’re half way through you come to conclusion “meeh it’s not gonna work, I screwed this mesh too much” and you start all over again :smiley:

One of the first thing I learn when I started animating, is to cheat, cheats saves time, and time is money in this business, these days more then ever!

Great work, love those city scene!

just wonder, how you did those lens flare on the light source? I had been trying to make those for ages, but still can’t get it done.

Thanks ForgottenWorld - well… It’s nothing fancy - I overlayed 'em (png images) in post processing.

I so wish buildings and other city models of this quality existed on places like Blendswap… especially ones that can be used to procedurally generate cities. That is totally amazing and brilliant, I love what you did here!

Beautiful composition. One critique (and it’s a REALLY minor one): In a brightly lit night scene like this, there is no way you’d see that many stars in the tiny patch of sky that is visible. If you’re lucky, maybe one bright star is visible (“Oh look, the star is out!” --Alex from Madagascar, in the New York City Zoo).

A really incredible work. Great atmosphere and modeling. Lots of details to enjoy. If I had to nitpick, it would be that it has no focus and lacks contrast by being too evenly lit. Still, a rather great image.

Yeah, good observation. I think a tiny little bit of fog would have been even more realistic too.

This is insane! The level of detail is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Man im busy with a shelby cobra which has more than way more than 100 hours, if he did so hes really a king

a touch of gleb? :wink:

johnnygibbs well indeed it was around 8 hours a day for 5 days - more/less. Car model is not fully mine - I received some help with it

40 hours it is indeed fast but it comes with a price - a lot of meesed up geometry and strange UV Maps. Besides, If You take a closer look U’ll notice that everything in this scene is arrayed or mirrored :slight_smile:

Ha! Awesome! I love cheating detail. Sometimes I can’t get away with it at the loss of quality, but when I can it’s great :). One last question. What inspired this artwork?

This is awesome dude. I love this kind of stuff. I’m doing projects with city buildings too, it’s fun. And i find this artwork inspiring, Nice work man.


a touch of gleb? :wink:

If he did use some of his tips, i could understand. That dude is genius.

Truly inspirational!
Just one question- did you unwrap this by hand and export the UV maps into photoshop to texture or did you use blender’s texture paint?

This looks great. Nice composition and well executed.