Ambient Occlusion and Texture

I have been trying to either blend two materials/textures together with the nodes, or take two textures and make them into one. Both ways I have not been successful.

Can someone please let me know if this is possible? I know it has to be, I am just missing how to do it.

All I want to do is bake an Ambient Occlusion layer into a texture and blend it together with the texture of the object.


Blending materials and blending textures are very different things!

Assuming you want to blend textures, try plugging the color outputs of two texture nodes into the Color node ‘MixRGB’. It can blend textures together with a number of modes similar to the way photoshop layers work. For example, to add an AO texture to an image texture, you may wish to combine them with Multiply.

If you’re using cycles though, you don’t really even have to bake AO. You can plug the color output of a texture node into the input of an Ambient Occlusion node. That gives you AO on a per-material basis.


Yeah I realize that textures and materials are different, but guess I didn’t know if one was possible and the other was not.

I will have to research what cycles are, that seems to be an easier way to do this. Right now I am just baking AO, saving the image, unwrapping my U/C coordinates and then applying the textures later inside of Unity.

Thanks for the reply!

Aha, I see. If you need the AO for an outside engine then of course you will still need to bake it. Unless you have any special needs though, you can just combine the AO map with your texture map using the Multiply mode of any image editor that supports layers (GIMP, PS, etc) before importing into Unity.