Ambient Occlusion artifacts baking from high to low

Hi all,

I’m having some issues baking an ambient occlusion from a high poly to a low poly.
Where the low poly is poking though, there are black spots on the map.
I’m also seeing the same black spots where the low poly isn’t poking through for some reason, but more puzzling yet is that I am seeing the shadow caused by a knob that isn’t remotely in the same area.

I used the same ray distance I used to bake the normal map which worked out fine ( not perfect but not noticable), so I’m not seeing why the AO would have so many issues. Anybody know how to fix this?
I already tried with a cage and messing with backface culling but it only made things worse.

( affected meshes highlighted in the screens and the only ones visible in the scene as it is)

I’m using cycles render btw.

Also, for anybody else running into this, I managed to get it running thanks to a tip on reddit suggesting to copy the models to a new blend file and trying there. Suddenly ran without a hitch, alhough it left me even more confused than before lol.

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