Ambient Occlusion Bake + Diffuse = Glitch ?

Hey I see you like my catchey title.


I’m using blender 2.47 Apricot Branch

Basically when I make an AO bake and a diffuse texture, while in texture painting mode the texture displays properly in that I have the diffuse image set to Color mixing mode while the AO bake is set to mutiply so you can see the diffuse texture and AO texture just fine with all the proper colors, however if I return to object mode both textures disappear in favor of a monochrome material.

Here are my texture map settings.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch? Has anyone else encountered this at all?

thank you

Sometimes when I bake textures I have to completely delete
and reload the texture into the texture button or it refuses to bake.
This new bake will be an ‘orco’ bake. :smiley:
Do you still have the baked textures in the uv/image editor, or do they get blacked out?
If they bake though, you can delete and reload them.

Sorry double post :smiley:

The bake process was okay and as long as I am in Texture Paint mode they display properly in the viewport so blender can process them correctly, it’s just that when I exit Texture Paint and enter Object mode it stops displaying them correctly.

So what I tried is just going into an external paint program and combining the 2 textures (diffuse, and ao) into a single file. But now that I think about it I should probably just render bake them into a single texture huh? :slight_smile:

The textures seem to f12 just fine, but if I go into game mode it does the same thing as object mode. So maybe render bake shall work.

I think this IS a glitch… or maybe it’s just a quirk. Perhaps it will be fixed in 2.48 or a future release. Or maybe it’s supposed to be that way. I’m not sure. But render baking the Texture Only, combines them properly so that it can be viewed in object mode and in game.


Maybe is a glitch…but in the mid time try reducing the color (Col) amount of the AO. Otherwise try changing the order of the layers…

Can you post a screen shot of the effect you described?
Does this occur in the non-apricot version of Blender?