Ambient Occlusion doesn't baking

Hello, blender people! Ambient Occlusion node amazing tool but now when I needed to bake it with all my nodes - it’s just black whole texture. Maybe there is some news or developers commentary about that or this is just a bug?

I believe you should connect your Color Ramp output to emission like this and bake:
And if you want to apply Ambient Occlusion to your texture/image, you should multiply it like this:

Also you could just change bake type to Ambient Occlusion for baking:

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#2 way: It works but it’s not what I see in Eevee. I thought I can bake actually what I see in viewport by shaders - but result and real-time are super different.
#3 way: it’s standart way - I using it for most times…
Thanks for answer!