Ambient Occlusion Help

I want to get a smooth organic shading while having a sharp transition wherever I mark sharp. Currently I’m only getting triangles everywhere. I’m using all valid quads.
I’m trying to hone my skills by making a Baracus Bunny hat for the Heavy, so that’s what you’re looking at. I’m using a mirror modifier, not applied. All vertices are otherwise hand moved from an original plane.

My settings:
Camera - Bake mode: Ambient Occlusion, Normalized, Clear, Margin 8, Split automatic
World - Ambient Occlusion On, Factor: 1.00, Add, Gather - Approximate, Passes: 0, Error: 0.250, Pixel Cache On, correction 1.00

triangles means, ur polygons are inverted, flip them and try again.
By the way, if it’s a highpoly mesh, then better use xNormal for a very good AO map.

Correcting the normals did nothing, they were already correct when shown in Smooth mode. I’ve ended up just painting the ambient occlusion.

What I need to know now is if this UV layout is alright, half one side, half the other: