Ambient Occlusion/Normal map/Game DEV

Hi is there any way to generate in blender Ambient Occlusion 2d map for game models in eq. jpg file?
If not (and i think the blender not have that kind of feature jet) i think is good time to develop that functionality soon.
In my opinion better will be to concentrate on feature which support game artists then to develop game engine itself.
There is a lot of work to be done, like good implementation (creation, manipulation) normal maps. Additional opion to UV map editor like cursor, or to give numbers to edges in editor.
Maby even write a plugin to paint blender models from gimp in real time (like verse) and then give users oportunity to write that kind of texture for future work. To develop any other complex conveniance for the users, which wants to texturize they object for profesional games production.
To give them realy good and fast way to work with this amazing software.

You might try looking at this script.

forTe, thx.
Now testing this script and by now i am very nice suprise by its features.