ambient occlusion problem: getting black lines.


I have problems with baking ambient occlusion. I am getting black thin lines. Tried a lot, but it is still the same.

Normals look all good, uv map too.

Hope someone can give me some hint. Thanks in advance

have you set margin in uv? Where does the Black Lines appear? Maybe put an image here?

gruss aus bern

Hey thanks a lot bashi. Do you mean the margin in the bake tab? if so, I have tried that already but did not work.

here is an image

have you checked for double Vertices? (Editmode - Spacebar - Remove doubles (or so))

no other idea atm

no doubles. Thanks anyways.

Do you see those black thin line where the seams are ?
If yes, increasing the “margin” (in your screenshot it is not enough) to 8 or 9 should help to remove the visible seams problem.

edit : if you mean the black thin line inside of each UV island, it’s a problem i have faced countless time without finding a solution, it’s like Blender completely ignore that you set the model to “smooth” and will bake the AO like if you had set the object to “flat”