Ambient Occlusion Questions !

Hey guys, Is there a way to have colored ambient occlusion, not just the gray one, without going into compositing? Maybe some way through nodes? And how do I give a gradient color input into the Ambient Occlusion BSDF?

I want to have more saturated colors in the dark areas and less saturated in the light areas, not just the variation in values as the default ambient occlusion shader gives.

Im getting very dull results with default AO, coz it just varies the values but does not care for things like color temperature. And can the shader output from the AO BSDF be changed into just a color information ?

Thanks for the link…Its very hard in cycles to go for a stylised look. I was practicing lighting from the book Digital Lighting And Rendering by Jeremy Birn, and some gnomon dvds by Jeremy vickery, but its really hard to follow along in with cycles.

I can’t imagine how such a stylised image should look like + i do not know those Books and Dvd, so i can’t say anything about this (so i don’t even know why i reply at all ;- )