Ambient Occlusion Real Time Viewport ?

Hi is there any add-on or a feature that I am unaware off which allows me to view Ambient Occlusion in Real Time aka the view-port with out me having to bake textures along side with alt+z or texture mode.

Thank you :wink:

That’s interesting. I’ve only know that 123d has a simple “AO-like” effect in its viewport. I don’t know about other 3d software out there. Probably they has it too. Best of luck to you, Atom.

there is an external soft free version for doing AO in real time

let me know if interested i’ll get the link !


It may be worth a shot, it will allow me to view my model a little better and would be faster then me baking many objects ;).

try this one

SMAK Normal map generation

Check this out…

Gave it a try but no luck, at first I would it needs uv so i had to unwrap but even then it was very dark barely visible, i looked around the settings but no luck. :frowning:

did you check the doc for this

the video seems to show it in real time in viewport !

apart of that not certain why you want to see this effect ?

can you tell us what your goal is here !


the goal is to view my object wit ao fast in real time while I work on the model

sorry i don’t see what you mean here !

do you mean to see the AO lighting set up effect

or doing AO baking in real time ?


something like this did have a cuda ambient occlusion tech demo at one point but now i seem to be powerless to find it

only way i can think would be to use GPU with cycles
then you can see in viewport real time the rendering

but speed becomes function of qty of objects and complexity of scene !

and for AO just add an equivalent with 16 lamps around your scene that way it should render quickly!


I found this
browse down to Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
the only issue is ill have to research .sdkmesh format and this will work great on my dual screen.

I don’t really find cycles to do the trick that well, its more like “add” instead of “multiply” in cycles

sorry don’t have Nvidia card

hope someone else can help you for this card !

cycles can do real time rendering in viewport
so i guess it’s a good beginning !


[quote]apart of that not certain why you want to see this effect ?
can you tell us what your goal is here !

My goal is to render faster and still offer some of the nice lighting features we are already used to. Let's face it that little clapboard icon is the fastest render system that Blender offers. Not the most complete or feature rich system, but the fastest. I thought if we could just pump it up a bit it might be a nicer than what it is.

Thats a shame theres still no solution, im soo looking for that too, meanwhile found a nice way to fake it using lights in dark scene and then negative it in the vse but its not a full solution.

Also if we could add screen space ao we could also add reflections and dof bokeh etc

In development of 2.68, so recent builds from buildbot by example, a “Rendered” method has been added for the Viewport shading type for Blender Render mode.
It works similarly to the Rendered viewport method of Cycles Render mode, you can rotate/zoom/etc… around the model while it’s rendered in real time.

So you can see the AO on your model this way if you enable Ambient Occlusion in the world settings.

But using Blender Render, means it’s CPU based, and with Blender it’s then rather slow to update the view between your view rotation/zoom, still better than nothing.

Yeah its a wonderful feature, yet as you said its not opengl realtime supported…

so it takes the same time as the render does, my intention is to use things real - realtime.
If you have a heavy render it would take a while.