Ambient Occlusion Script In Blender 2.74??

So in the new Blender update, the viewport now supports real time ambient occlusion.

New option:

With AO:

Without AO:

Now, this is a super pretty AO effect. I know there are AO 2D Filters out there, but none I’ve seen are exactly this pretty. Anyone know of a way to maybe make this run realtime in the game engine? Or dig through the Blender code to find the GLSL code and make it a 2D filter?

Again, I know there are some great AO filters out there already…but none like this…

We need the new viewport GSL render implemented in the bge I guess?

Yeah I was also curious of this and DOF and why that works in the normal viewport but as soon as you press P it disappears.

It’s pretty frustrating