Ambient Occlusion Texture baking Issue in Blender Only

Ambient Occlusion Texture baking Issue in Blender Only

Hello Blender forums again! It’s certainly been awhile.

Anyway, I’m getting back into Blender since its always been one of my favourite packages (Unfortunately I’ve been away from it for quite awhile since my classes use Max and Maya)

Anyway, to get back into blender, (getting use to the controls, all that) I made a simple model. Come UV mapping, everything went GREAT (UV mapping tools are FAR above Max in my opinion) but when it came to Render baking, I ran into some issues.

To make sure it wasn’t a bad model, I imported it into Max, and did render baking on it – Sure enough; it came out perfectly fine.

I’ve been playing with settings and options for some time now and am stumped. Im not sure WHAT is wrong with the model to cause these distortions. I tried turning all the quads to Tris, and making sure their edges were all the same way, ect.ect., So far the things I’ve done to try to fix it: Re UV map the distorted parts with simpler UV maps, Tried sub dividing the areas to add more light detail.

Still no luck. Any idea what is going on?

EDIT: Strangely enough, when I exported the model from Blender to 3DS Max, I applied a Smooth modifieder, which allows you to control polygon smoothing groups and then re-exported it back into Blender. Now Ambient Occlusion comes out CLEAN. <_< I’m starting to believe the reason my model was glitching, becuase the smooth groups are all messed up?

Is there a way to control smooth groups in Blender, like 3DS Max does? This is definitely the problem. (Its been so long, Im not sure where it is)

EDIT 2: Seems Blender does have it - Its called Edge Split - however - the problem still is not fixed. Oddly enough the smooth groups are the same as they were when exported from max, the baking still messes up. Its like some Model info was lost during export that corrected the glitch that blender is reading. Is there a way to just go “Convert - Edit Poly” like in Max to clear all that excess data that might of built up?


It seems there is a very weird way to fix this - If I simply export the Model to OBJ, and then re-import it into blender. . . the distortions are gone. A Fresh AO bake will reveal no glitchy triangles, and animations will show no glitchy light bouncing around.

It seems during export, some imformation is lost, that is causing this glitch in Blender. Once the ‘clean’ model is re-imported, all is well.

Im wondering if theres anyway to do it in Blender, without needing to export and re-import every object?