Ambient Occlusion will not bake.

Hey all, I’ve been working on something for my boss and i had baked ao to everything in the scene without problems. I packed all of the baked images and then saved the file. When my boss asked me to make some changes and I needed to redo some of the ao, it won’t work. The console doesn’t give any errors at all and when I run the “bake” to bake ao it acts like its running but it goes extremely quickly and then finishes with all black textures. I have made sure all of my models are unwrapped properly. I tried baking to new textures. I made sure ao and raytrace were on in the world settings… I’m so frustrated!!

Can anyone help me?


Never mind… I figured it out finally. If anyone has this same problem, make sure your materials “ambient” slider isn’t set to 0.