Ambient occlussion (add) eliminates other shadows


As soon as I tick ambient occlusion, the shadow of the car disappears. Even at very low AO factor (e.g. 0.05),
the shadow is gone. The shadow is a plane with “shadows only” ticked.

How can I tick ambient occlusion AND keep the shadow ?

Without ambient occlusion = I need this shadow

With ambient occlusion = as soon as I tick AO, the shadow disappears. Even at very low factor (e.g. 0.05)

Thanks! please help me it is the only thing I need to start my movie :slight_smile:

Put it on multiply. Add also adds white environment lighting to the scene which will, by definition, blow out your shadows.


Multiply becomes very weak and practically does not render the dark shadow under the car.
Its the one or the other, no matter what I try. I can not get them both. Duh!