AmbientOcclusion more than 16 samples ?

Is there a way to set AmbientOcclusion more than 16 samples ?


Not with Blender internal renderer. Yafray uses different means for this (GI panel)

Well, there are some other ways, too…(Masterhoshi is right, though, you can’t have more samples). You could also try to fake AO or downsize the image. This reduces the noise as well but obviously you have to render to a great size then.

Yafray or any other rendering engine is another option but here you’d probably have to change all your light setups and materials accordingly =/
A search here will turn some more informations up, I’m sure :wink:

But then you could try rendering a baked image of it (new feature) and blur the saved image with GIMP or something.

yes, or use the AO pass and blur it, but with all passes enabled to recombine it …