AmbientOclusion and other lights

hi , i just discovered how ao works , is so easy , but heres my question ,
when should i use it ? can i get the same results or better without it ? or should i always use it in conjunction with other lights ?


Difficult question. The best answer is probably - use it, when it adds something to the scene and looks good. As simple as that.

It is obviously a good way to add realism to your work with relative ease (same and even more so goes for GI). The downside is a longer rendertime. Nevertheless, do not only rely on using AO for all your work. Lighting is not only about enabling AO and everything will be alright (although recent events seem to imply that…see Indigo :smiley: ). You need to
think about what kind of mood you want to achieve with your lighting, on which part of the model you want to focus and so on.

AO makes it easy but it not that easy. Experiment a bit and you’ll come up with your own, useful answers, I’m sure.