Ambitious Modelling project, help.

Inspired by Jack000’s high school model, I’ve decided to model my own school in 3D (for realtime, not off-line rendering). I run into a bunch of problems so I need some expert advice.

  1. Which Engine?
    THis is a big issue for I want a good performance as well as capability. BLender’s internal engine is rather limited. (Maybe I am ruined by games like FarCry, UT2K4 and Doom3.) It doesn’t have Shadow capability, per-pixel light (ie bumpmap, phong shade) and no build-in culling/LOD function.

So the question is should I do the entire project in BLender?
Model them in blender and export to other engine as a MOD. Unreal engine, Quake/Doom3 engine, Half life engine or CryEngine? If so, how?

I will try to keep this thread active and post progresses.

If I am to use Blender’s internal engine, radiocity is not a very good choice since this can dramatically increase the tri-count and still not producing a satisfying result.

Well, better graphics = non-Blender, so I think you might want to use a different engine for the result, but use blender’s engine for everything else.

So what kind of converters are avaliable? I want to keep the UV color and UV texture map if possible.

RIght now I have UnrealEdit (came with UT2K4), CryEngine (came with FarCry), Battlecraft editor(came with Battlefield VIetnam) and CoD editor (DL off 3dgamer). Which should I use?..And how?

Look in this list.

You’ll want a .obj file converter for that.


I’ll stick with Blender since realtime shadow and multitexture is included in 2.34… Should I start moddeling or wait until 2.34 is out?

August 3rd, it’s soooo far away.

Start modeling now, and then do shadows in 2.34.

Shadow maps & multitexturing (shading) are still only in tuhopuu2 & won’t be in 2.34.

Oh I see, so tuhopuu is “a home for bleeding-edge features that won’t and shouldn’t be in the main blender tree (yet)”. WHich means I should expect shadow and a bunch of other features soon, but not too soon, and definitly not in 2.34, right?