AmbOcc - how to reduce the noise

helou, im quite new round here, but i’ve already done a 350z in blender, and i want to ask how can i reduce the noise when used the ambient occlusion? i thought using it as the only lighting in the scene, to simulate the sun’s effect. Changing lamp type to Sun won’t help. Please tell me, how can i reduce the noise? :confused: THANKS.

increase the samples.:smiley:

Or you could use another render like Yafray, but that’s a little harder but produce better result.

Be aware though, increasing AO samples also increaes render times by a fair amount.

and with my celeron 2.8Ghz and 512 memory i could cook a meal if i increase the samples… S…t!

You could try faking AO (or GI) … more work, but saves rendertime. See the links for detailed information:


Of course, 3D needs its time - every advanced rendering technique will boost your rendertimes a big deal. Live with it…

you can try to render you image larger and scale it down post. The render time will increase but depending on what you want it might be faster.

and as for using it as the only light source?