AMD and NVIDA together

Is anyone running an NVIDA and AMD GPU together. I heard it is possible. But I am looking for more confirmation from the Blender community.


I do,
mostly i use teh Nvidia card (4gb) for previews while the AMD Card (8gb) is crunching finals in background.


Ran both of them in one system in one render in the past. From what I recall, OpenCl will see both devices and render on both of them. Only issue is that Nvidia cards run better with Cuda.

However, what GPU’s do you plan to mix together? it might be not worth it.

Hi guys… as you know from my other post, I will be running a Radeon pro duo and my current card the GTX 970. My plan is to use the NVIDIA card to run my monitors and typical display functions and the Radeon Pro Duo will be purely for rendering.