AMD/ATI compatiblity in GNU/Linux

Hello everyone

I have two days to decide whether or not to buy a new graphic card

Currently I have an Nvidia GTX 650ti and I’m working on GNU/Linux without any problems, but I think it’s time to upgrade my computer and would like to buy an AMD R9 290

Nvidia drivers are improving much faster than the AMD GNU/LInux ones, but I guess even if I lose performance with current drivers, the perfonmance will be more than my current 650ti

I’m working mainly with Blender Game Engine, but I also do occasionally renders and some animations, so I’m interested to know the current state of compatibility with BGE (glsl, shaders, 2d filters, etc), OpenCL and Cycles in GNU/Linux

Thank you very much

Lord does not waste time amd read the forum and see how many problems we have, I recommend Nvidia.

The posts that I can found here are from a lot of years ago, so I don’t know the actual AMD issues under Linux

So, you can get an idea of ​​the situation. The problem with ATI is since many years and AMD is still promising to solve the problem. By the way, the problem is not only in Linux.
You start by reading this thread from the end, and you will have an idea (regarding OpenCL and ATI):

If you want to use Cycles at all with the GPU don’t even bother looking at AMD/ATI. Their drivers/compiler is a mess.