AMD/ATI Firepro GPUs - Same as AMD/ATI Radeons?

I know that AMD/ATI Radeons are better with Blender than they used to be. But what’s the situation with AMD/ATI Firepros?.

Like would they be the same as far as issues go, And are the same “Improvements” that AMD/ATI have been doing to their Radeons also going to the Firepros?. Or are only the Radeons on the path to improving?.


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At the moment I don’t think there is any benefit what-so-ever in terms of performance or reliability.

Perhaps once Blender becomes a little more in use by industry (Freelancers, small studio’s and beyond etcetera) then I think we could see drivers like those for the Quadro cards and the FireGL cards tailor some settings for Blender in order to make it faster, but that probably won’t be for some time.

eventhough I’m not the thread starter… thanks for answering :slight_smile:

About a year and a half ago I soft-modded my 5870 into a firepro v8800 (I was running Windows vista at the time). At that time I was able to sculpt smoothly up to about 80 million polys, and with a 24million poly scene (with 50% selected objects, which slows the view down even more) I was getting 1.5/2 fps.

Since then I upgraded to Windows 7, and have not bothered modding the drivers, so I am running the latest catalyst. The same object used in a 18 million poly scene is at least twice as slow in updating (without selected objects).

So, yeah, I would say it makes a difference. And that was with modded drivers. The v7900 makes use of a feature called “geometry boost”, which speeds up opengl considerably, and is, I believe, software agnostic.

I am now considering getting a Firepro v7900, which outperforms a v8800 in most benchmarks, and, last I read, seems to have solved the selection issue in Blender when selecting objects in high-poly scenes in the viewport can take up to 6-10 seconds. The price is quite reasonable, especially compared to its opengl performance in other apps’ opengl:

I can get the v7900 for $can 800, while the Quadro 5000 comes in at a whopping $can 2500 - and the performance of the v7900 is better or on par in opengl apps.

Also, my experience with the soft-modded driver was that opengl on a whole was a very smooth experience across the board. The reason I am not using it anymore (except for all the hassle in regards to installing), was the loss of hardware video acceleration and no stream/open cl. Which I want/need!

If anyone here has a v7900, please write about your experience!