AMD/ATI FirePRo v7800 + GTX 660 Ti on one MB and Blender

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if it is possible in Blender to use 2 graphic cards from different manufacturer?

I.e. assuming that I have MB that supports cooperation between nVidia and AMD gfx cards, and I would Like to use my Fire Pro v7800 for modeling and my GTX 660 Ti for rendering. Is it possible?

Recently I bought and replaced my FirePro with this GTX, and as it comes to rendering it’s awesome. But for modeling more complex models, FirePro does the better job.

Reggards and thank you for any help :wink:

I am fairly certain that as long as you are running Windows 7 that you can do that (probably Win 8 as well - sorry, don’t know if any non-Windows operating systems support this sort of functionality at present). Here is a link to one of several forums discussing the topic:

If you are going to do it then try to get a motherboard that supports both PCI-e x16 slots at full x16 speeds so that you don’t accidentally hamper either card.

Cheers, and hope that helps

You can run cards from different manufacturers in one machine, had it myself, thread’s somewhere in this forum.
Ran Radeon+GeForce. If you do not have multiple displays though, you need a dummy-dvi-dongle… it’s 2USD DIY, just google for it, so windows thinks there’s a display on the rendering card. Else it will not install and initialize the driver.

For the rendering card it’s not important if its PCIe16 or not. Doesn’t change noticable if it’s x8 or x4.
You should just look out that the display cards PCIe16 is not cut to x8 when inserting a second card, which often happens on cheap boards.

Thanks for quick reply guys :slight_smile: Yes I’m running Win7 x64 Pro. But need to buy new mb. Right now i have only 1xPCI-E x16 socket.
Arexma, I have 3 displays. I was using Eyefinity on my ATI card and now surround on GTX. Eyefinity is much better IMHO. Surround has some bugs that can be irritating.
I was wondering if I use my ATI for display and nVidia for rendering, would it be still possible to use Eyefinity? As you said, I could use a dummy for GTX and all 3 screens on FirePro, but will it work ?

I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. One thing though are the drivers. I tried this quite a while back, and either party might have introduced a lock in their driver to prevent this. For instance in the GeForce driver, there is/was (not certain) a lock that you can’t use a GeForce for PhysX alongside a Radeon for graphics. However, PhysX is not related to the CUDA functionality.

If the 3 displays are connected to the FireGL, windows will install the driver and also initialize it.
If you have a dummy dvi at the GeForce, same applies for it.
Thus you should have exactly what you’re looking for.

I’d ask a friend to borrow you one, or only “risk” 20 or so bucks on a cheap GeForce and just try it.

Appreciate for the help arexma :wink: My bro let me use his MB for testing. He’s got CrossFire ready board from Gigabyte. Right now i’m waiting my Win 7 ultimate x64 test instalation to complete. I’ve connected my bro display to the GTX instead of dummy DVI. Just hoping that my 600W power supply will handle both cards. Fingers crossed :wink:

Just finished instaling drivers and updates on my test platform. Gues what :slight_smile: IT’s WORKING :smiley: Even Eyefinity is working :wink: The 4th display i have from my bro and connected to GTX is used as a tool screen under middle screen in eyefinity configuration :slight_smile: And i can use GTX to render in Blender :slight_smile: all smooth and easy :slight_smile: Thank you all for help :slight_smile: