AMD chips burning up. AMD or Intel?

“I know AMD gets a lot more speed for the dollar but a lot of people tell me AMDs are cheaply made and will burn up”. Quote from another thread in this forum. My understanding is several years ago gamers were overclocking AMD chips and hence the reputation. After several Intels I moved to AMD over a year ago with no problems so far. And, yes I did it for what seems like more bang for the buck. Intel without a doubt is a fine chip but if you’re on a budget I would suggest AMD.

I haven’t regretted it and being a Blender hobbyist I have given all six cores hell with BI renders. Not being a tech guru let me just say this HP was about 650 with a Nvidia 2GB card upgrade. And while it might not be the fastest it has handled all the new features of Blender over about fourteen months. For those on a budget 600 to 700 dollars seems to be where a Blender user wants to be. Once again that’s just a personal observation from one who did a little homework and is not into gaming.

My main machine has a Phenom II X6 and a Radeon 5870 and I find that it works just fine for Blender and Gaming. That being said I have been considering a switch over to Intel and nVidia for the drastic performance increase. The price gap is a little scary though. I think the suggestion to go with AMD chips for a budget minded system is a good one.

The price gap is indeed scary, mambroz. And, for all I know my machine might do fine with some games. Of course I would have liked a Intel Core i7 who wouldn’t. But, being retired and living on a fixed income I was lucky to be able to play in the six to seven hundred dollar bracket. And, being limited in that respect I opted for AMD but with a GeForce GT 530 2GB Nvidia and a 450W power supply upgrade. Since I waited for a sale on the AMD FX 6100 - six core, 3300 Mhz if memory serves me it came in at about 660 with free shipping. Still a nice chunk of change for me and I suspect many young people. I personally have had good luck with HP so I just keep checking the site for a sale on the machine I wanted. It came with only 6GB’s of RAM but hell I can put a stick of RAM in down the road. So I guess you pick the corners to cut. That’s the upside to ordering right from the manufacturers site. Best of luck and keep Blendering.