AMD GPU render issues with volumes

Hey guys, I’m following a tutorial and I’m ready to render the animation. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 for my CPU and an AMD Radeon RX 5700XT for my GPU.

I want to use my gpu when rendering since it’s faster but I always notice whenever I choose GPU compute and especially when there are volumes involved I always encounter issues.

Any help is appreciated!

GPU Compute:

CPU Compute:

What temperature you encounter when using GPU, can it be because of overheating?

I’m not really familiar with temperature but after checking it and rendering it again, I was getting peak temps of 77c

After messing around with the settings, I managed to fix the “dark squares” in the render. I tried to render with my GPU but disabled my CPU in the system settings but the stretching is still there.

I also found out that by disabling motion blur the issues are resolved but I still want motion blur on the propeller.

You can try adding motion blur in post process with Vector blur node

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Do you mind explaining where I should insert the node? I have this basic setup and I’m not really good with blender yet.

Enable vector pass and then connect it to speed socket. You might want to play with settings to achieve result you like

This could be a bug, please consider reporting it here: