AMD Gpu that works well with the viewport?

I need a new gpu to stop lag in the viewport. Was thinking about getting a Radeon hd 7770 Ghz edition or 7850 card. Really anything that can display 600,000 - 1,000,000 faces without crippling lag. Any suggestions for something better? I currently have a newer GT 640 that runs at 950mhz.

I have a 7850 and it freezes my computer on GLSL viewport depending on the drivers. I use to solve this issue with an old driver which supported TDR’s (time out & recovery) ; which recovered from crash and prompt back to windows. But since the OpenCL (Cycles for AMD) commits, you have to use the latest drivers or blender will crash to dekstop on anything relating to rendering.

Long story short keep your Nvidia 640 ( it shouldn’t make any difference relating 7770 or 7850). Or buy another Nvidia card.

By the way did you try enabling VBO’s in the preferences/system settings. This will increase viewport performance for dense meshes.

Yeah I enabled VBO’s and disabled the outline. Nothing seems to work. Is the viewport dependent on the cpu or the gpu to display faces? When I render with my gt 640 its no faster than my processor.

gpu for displaying (drawing) faces or any other. If you used cpu for displays you will get dreadful performance (OpenGL software mode).

Don’t know what numbers you’re trying to draw (number of vertices/faces). If you are using anything other that “solid view” you will get a hit.

Other that that, you can navigate with meshes around 1-2 mil vertices without problems. Dynatopo sculpts can starts to cause laggyness on 600k+ meshes. But for multi-res sculpting my test limit was 65 million polygons (if you enable threaded sculpt).

So these are the different numbers you can manage in solid view. anything larger than 100-200k with material / texture view will cause performance problems (they are only for preview).

600,000-1,000,000 faces in solid view. Need that many faces when baking details to a low res mesh.

So would an AMD card be ok for displaying many faces? Rendering can be done with cpu or opencl via Luxrender.

I think we should use Firepro grade GPUs for Viewport/Displays and not games grade GPUs

Hi, Blender does not profit from a new/good GPU, it use very old display technics.
I have no problems with i5 4200u mobile cpu HD4400 GPU and 4 GB ram and over 2 million faces in solid view.
If you are on windows you should try to disable Aero, close all other windows.
Browser need huge VRAM/RAM on a system, for example.
May you can post your complete system specs?

Cheers, mib