Hi guy’s,

I recently cancel an order for an nvidia GTX 680 and i want non bias opinion on AMD 7970 strictly for viewport performance in animation and large scene+sculpting.

Since i use Vray as my main rendering engine Nvidia is not important for me but i want to know if AMD is truly 25 to 30% faster in viewport performance like i saw in some threads here.

Thank for any advice because my only real grip so far with Blender is the lack of decent viewport performance compared to commercial package.

Hi, AMD is really better for viewport performance but Blender can´t compare with commercial packages in this area.
I saw 3dsmax on a “low end” GFX card and start crying. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.
P.S. Low end meant GT 640.

Hi ! Last card I knew had a good viewport performance in Blender was the HD 5870 ! I really can’t say anything about the HD 7970.

You might want to check out this video comparison between a AMD firepro w7000 and nvidia quadro k5000 for viewport rendering

I know it’s for solidworks but maybe you can draw some conclusion from it !

Yes i know max is very good with insane amount of poly and i never thought that blender was that far behind.

The last model i load in max was about 10 millions poly’s for retopology and it was a snap to do.

Since i am working on a game blender might still be enough to do the job, my only fear is if it would be capable to handle a 10,000 faces character fully rig with reasonable frame rate!

Also retopology of high res model could become tedious, i will have to do some test this week.

I am just praying i wont have to go back to 3ds max since i love the modeling in blender a lot.


Hi reC,

This is exactly the card i have currently but surely the 7970 should be faster if we look at the benchmark.

I will have a look at pro card to see if it worth it but i am on a tight budget since my divorce!

Would be great if the blender developers put high priority on viewport performance and i will be willing to contribute financially for this.


Which version of Vray do you have and which version of Blender do you have?

Hi Blend,

I use the Blender custom build here : and i use vray stand alone 2.0.

Work like a charm and seem pretty stable so far.


I made my choice after reading extensively and i just order an AMD 7970 3GB i am glad to stay with AMD since they don’t force you to buy a 3000$ card just to work!


I use a GTX 580 3Gb both for display and rendering. It works very well with Cycles for rendering but I would like to buy a graphic card only for display and with good performances in viewport (sculpt, particles etc…). It seems Quadro are overpriced and I don’t know anything about ATI cards but from this thread, they seem to do the job. What card could you advise me please, no matter of price for the moment (the best and the the best quality/price for example) ?

If only for 3d work and price not an issue then go for amd firepro w9000 but if you want the card to be able also for gaming then go for latest amd radeon model.

If it’s only for display and only for Blender then you probably don’t need to spend more than 1000 $ on that. Quadro and Firepro are made and their drivers are certified for CAD programs mostly.

Blender will NOT take advantage of that kind of power but if you use Blender in combination with other programs that do then it’s a good idea to invest.

I own and use a 7970 with Blender, and it works great in Blender. Selection of objects in scenes with high poly counts is fast. Sculpting still is quite smooth at almost 40 million quads, though the viewport orbiting lags at that amount of polys.

Textured mode is quite bad, though. Solid mode and sculpt mode work well.

Blender’s viewport is in need of an update - both for visual quality (especially textures) and speed. Having said that, Compared to Modo and Lightwave I feel it competes quite well. SoftImage: no competition there, SI rules.

Yes, I saw this an other of your thread ;). In fact, if I was sure that both the 2 GTX 580 and the HD 7970 fit in my case without touching each others and have enough room not burning when rendering, I take the HD 7970. I could sell my 2 GTX 580 and buy a Titan so there’s space between the HD 7970 and the Titan. The Titan performs as well as 2 GTX 580 excepted its has 6 Gb of VRAM. But that’s make more money to spend.

You need the “Display Tools” add-on:

Also very handy when sculpting at very high (over 30 million) polygons, since sculpting details is still quite smooth, but orbiting the view is very laggy: turn on fast navigate with boxes.

I’m gonna give it a try.

And please check the forum, because I made a video to proof smooth sculpting at 20 million polygons or more before.

Ok, if I don’t find it, I’ll come back to you.

Also, how far do you really need to go with sculpting? More than about 20 million polygons should not be required generally for the detail needed. Most of my sculpting is lower than that, especially now that we have dynamic topology.

And ask Michalis about his AMD sculpting experience - he has way more experience than I do.

Yes, I saw some of his posts too.

Thanks for your detailed post :).