AMD Libdrm big update to amdkfd [ROCm Linux OpenCL stack access via libdrm]

The entire update should roll very soon into the official libdrm base when AMD dev Alex Deucher submits it to Dave Airlie managed Libdrm code base.

Something of big interest is AMD removing the limit on GPGPUs supported. This should be a big boon for OpenCL systems with multiple GPGPUs.

Once this goes live Blender should be able to recognize the OpenCL stack within Mesa/Libdrm and the number of GPGPUs without using the AMDGPU PRO Stack.

This is great news. With AMDGPUpro you could not install the bleeding edge opengl drivers. You had to chose between cycles support or good graphics.

With the latest AMDGPU PRO I’m limited for sure with Mesa 17.2.5 until they release another update. I fully expect they’ll skip 17.3 and go straight to 18. It lines up with ROCm and LLVM 6.

Feb 21 is tentatively the release date for LLVM/Clang 6.0.

Looking forward to the Vulkan driver maturing as well.