AMD officially talked about Zen2 and Vega refresh - 7nm MI60 GPU

(Grzesiek) #1

So it’s officall

Zen 2 - 7nm, and using Chiplet design…

Vega refresh - 7nm and officially supporting PCIe gen 4.


(Ace Dragon) #2

The way I read it, it looks like Zen 2 will have a surprisingly large leap in performance from this year’s chips compared to how the norm was for the last decade.

If so, then it means the CPU is back in a big way and may even cause people to rethink the idea of the GPU being the future of computing (at least in the creative field).

(Grzesiek) #3

read somwonere that Papermaster or what ever the guys name was, during the release mentioned about 25% IPC… if true… that woudl be insane.

I jsut don’t see that possiblity.

Zen vs FX - 52%
Zen+ vs Zen - 5%
Zen2 vs Zen+ - 15% (my expectations)(

Now they just need clock and it would be good competition even in gaming… We’ll know reasonably soon (expected release in Q1 of 2019…)

(Grzesiek) #4

According to AMD CTO Mark Papermaster, TSMC’s 7-nm process offers twice the density of GlobalFoundries’ 14-nm FinFET process. It can deliver the same performance as 14-nm FinFET for half the power, or 1.25 times the performance for the same power, all else being equal.

(Ace Dragon) #5

Well, AMD’s marketing on the first two Zen products have been largely accurate so far and Zen2 looks to have seen some significant changes in both the fab process and the design.

I also hope it is true because it will back Intel into a corner and cause them to lose marketshare (that is unltil they seriously rework their approach to chip design and their fabs). This is compounded by the fact that the rumored chiplet strategy is real and adds to AMD’s lead in modular/scalable chip design.

(cet77) #6

That one looks insane… They had benchmarked it vs. the 8180 cpu from intel. 2x8180 vs their new one. and the single AMD still came out on top… yikes… well, the 8180 is only 28 physical cores tho, while amd’s is 64… wow… this kinda blows my mind…

(Grzesiek) #7

yeah, that was interesting…

56c/112t (dual 8180) vs 64c/128t (single Rome). One thing they mentioned that they won’t talk clocks as this one was’t running at its final speeds… So dam… that will be impressive when released.

AMD’s approach is trully starting to pay off. Which means they’ll have more money to put back into R&D for the CPU and GPU… I love that AMD brought back the competition that was strongly needed in the CPU. And wishfully hopeful that they’ll do the same in the GPU market as well.

We’ll see what Intel say on December. Most likely a “we have nothign to show but trust us we will have something that can compete, but you’ll have to replace the entire server as it will not be pin compatible…”?