AMD or Nvidia for archviz?

Hello! In 2-4 weeks I’ll start production on an archviz project that will require a lot of VRAM and some serious rendering speed so I’m looking for new gear to meet the demands of the project. It seems that AMD cards have received some support in the latest version of Blender.

Are AMD cards now usable for production? Or should I just stick with Nvidia?

Big professional archviz projects? Fast CPU(s) and lots of RAM… all the way.
Well… for full rendering support/options.

Main Reasons:

  • stabillity
  • can add RAM later on (as much as it’s supported by mobo & CPU - can later sell everything or by parts)
  • CPU architecture supports all Cycles can handle
  • some shaders/materials are also slow on GPU to no advantage over CPU
  • SSS
  • caustics
  • volumetrics
  • option to use other engines
  • anytime can add GPU option.

Nvidia otherwise.

Comparison of available features on CPU, CUDA and OpenCL.

Nvidia it is then. I don’t want to build CPU based renderfarm because then I’ll need space for it, I would have to plan it, build it, etc. A lot of components probably from different stores to save money, etc.

But my mobo and PSU can handle two 980TIs as soon as I buy them, just have to put them in. 10 min of work tops.