AMD Radeon 6700XT GPU

Well another piece of hardware, this time it is mine 6700XT that I used to render this.
It is not 100% precise, textures and materials are not perfect as well, but I think it is a good enough result to make it look real.

What do you think?

The only downside is the backplate of the GPU that only has texture placed on it with some bump node, almost no real geometry for all of the screws. Also, the texture used for the chip part is on both sides… because of that you can actually see some mistakes


Awesome work! I am looking for a rtx 3060 or 3060ti but a rx 6700xt would do anything is better than what I have( gt710 2G)

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I wanted to show few more renders:

GPU has all inside parts as well

And some wireframe previews as well: